Hypnotherapy is a safe and effective tool that can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions.

You are perfectly safe and are always in control of the session.

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There are discounts for multiple sessions as most people need more than one session to address their needs.

A recording of the session will be available online within 24 hours so you can download and listen to it again.
For more information contact Linda Reid on linda@reidmail.nz or fill out the contact form
Change your Future
Looking Back From the Future
Cloudy Beach Self Esteem Script
Become your own Life Coach
Rewrite your past
Give up Alcohol
Give up Smoking
Weight Management
Change your Diet
Manage Money
Create Success
Change your Past
Breaking the Cycle
Crystal Mountain
Mirror on the past
Cottage of Memories
Open Market
Chamber of Justice
The Gravel Path
Photo Album Script
Crystal Waterfall
Spirit of Christmas
The Catalogue of Magic
Stamp Album Metaphor
Time heals all things
Uncovering the Past
Emotional Healing
Emotional Release
Fairy Tale Healing script
Door to Discovery
Grief and Bereavement
Regression Hypnosis Script
Inner Child Spiritual Healing script
Analyzing with Art Therapy
Silver Frames script
Store of Memories
Child of Time
The Magician’s Chair
Put aside the Negatives
Relax and Revitalize
Forgive yourself
Forgive others
Fears and Phobias
Fear of Failure
Fear of Flying Script
Fear of travelling script
Anxiety about Learning
NLP Fast Phobia Cure
Fear of intercourse: Vaginismus
Fear of Blood Hemophobia
Sports Visualisation script
Paranormal Hypnosis
Alien Abduction UFO Experience
Astral projection Astrology Script
Past life regression script
Totem Power Animal Spirit Guide
Six Step Reframe Script
Finding Lost Items
Self Development
Learning to Learn
Hypnosis for Wealth Creation
Procrastination Direct Suggestion Script
Redundancy Hypnosis Script
Cruise Control
Anxiety Scripts
Bad Habits Anchoring Script
Changing Your Habits
Self Confidence Hypnosis Script
Ego Strengthening Self Esteem Script
Hypnotic spiral anxiety script
Addiction Relapse Recovery
Constant Rock
Test Anxiety Script
Nail Biting Script
Relaxation and Stress Reduction
Relaxation Island
Worry Garden Stress Relief
Self Hypnosis
Pain Management
NLP Techniques
Anchoring NLP Hypnosis Script
NLP Magic Cinema Technique
Negative Emotion Obliterator
Changing Beliefs
Guided Visualization Exercises
The Eating a Lemon Visualization Exercise
Graded Visualization Exercises
A focusing visualisation exercise
Chakra Balancing Visualization Exercises
Guided Chakra Visualization Exercises
Sports Visualisation script
These are just some of the hypnotherapy sessions avilable to you.